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How to Use your SharpTank Sharpener - Pencil Sharpening Instructions

How to Use Your SharpTank Sharpener

Your SharpTank is a hand-crank pencil sharpener designed to produce a perfectly-sharpened pencil. Why is it superior to the traditional classroom sharpener? For starters, it works! As you insert a pencil into the sharpener it "grasps" the pencil and securely holds it in position while you sharpen. Instead of "eating" your pencil, the SharpTank stops sharpening once a perfect point is achieved. (You will feel the resistance, and the cutting will stop when the pencil is fully sharpened). The result is an amazing point and the satisfaction of holding a perfectly-sharpened pencil.

Pencil Sharpening Instructions:

1. Pull out the silver face plate.

2. Gently squeeze the rabbit ears together and insert the pencil into the sharpener.

3. While holding the sharpener, turn the crank clockwise until the resistance ends. (The latch will hold the pencil in place.)

4. Squeeze the rabbit ears, and remove your perfectly-sharpened pencil!

5. Repeat :)

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